Sod Installation: Few things create the satisfaction of the instant green of a new lawn!  Whether small patches or an entire lawn, we can help.  We offer several varieties of sod for both sun and shade. 

Plant Removal/Installation:  If you have plants that need to be replaced, transplanted or maybe you just want to add some more, we can help.

Retaining Walls:  Whether it is a small stone flowerbed wall or a 6′ tall block retaining wall, we can build a wall that will fit your needs.

New and/or Redesigned Flowerbeds:  As time goes on your plans for your yard can change.  Whether it is a new bed or just a redesign of the existing ones, let us help.


Flagstone pathsBeautiful, natural, and functional, walkways built of stone are a great addition to any yard.

Patio Installation:  Thinking about installing a new patio for an outdoor living area? Flagstone, brick and pavers create a beautiful and functional place for your outdoor living space.


Landscape Lighting: What better way to highlight the beauty of your home, landscape or yard than with outdoor lighting!  If you like to entertain and enjoy the outside of your home in the evening, our LED outdoor lights are what you need.  Ask about our lighting demo!!  We can take a picture of your house and show you what our lights can do for your home.

Mulch Installation:  Mulch looks great, helps keep in the moisture, and minimizes weeds.  We install several colors (red, black, dark brown, light brown) and types (hardwood, cedar, cypress and pine) of mulch.